Welcome to KeLLeR'S KLubHOuSe!

                                     A Pawesome Place to Hang Out with Us!

Curl up on a couch, help us chase mice and teaser toys, scratch our butts, rub our bellies, or simply spend time in our space, playing a game or putting together a puzzle.

                                               OuR KaTs’ KLubHOuSe RuLeS

  • You are entering our home.  Be respectful.  Learn our signs for when we want to play, cuddle, or be left alone.  See the poster showing how we will interact with you.
  • Come in and sit on the couches, chairs, or floor.  Let us come to you.  Please don’t pick us up.  Forcing us to be with you can result in our biting or scratching you and your dropping or hurting us.
  • You can call us over to you with toys, lasers, and small sounds, but please don’t move or pull us from our beds, cat trees, or other furniture.  Give us space.  We don’t like feeling forced, trapped, or cornered.
  • If we walk away from you after you pet us, we need a break.  Leave us alone.  Chasing or stalking us could irritate us.
  • Shhh! Please don’t disturb us if we’re asleep.  Waking us suddenly can make us mad.
  •  Loud noises scare us.  Please keep your voices down and your phones on vibrate.
  • Our food bowls are always full, so please don’t feed us.  People food may make us sick.
  • WALK around and explore our hangouts.  Please be calm and move slowly.  Be mindful of where you step.  If you run or jump, you may trample or hurt us.  Some of us cannot move out of the way as quickly as we would like.
  • Take pictures of us.  We’re cute!  Please turn off your flash.   We’re sensitive to bright lights.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.  We love children and want them to learn to interact properly with us.  Our volunteers are supervising and caring for us, so they need your help in   assuring that your children are following our rules.  Rambunctious children can scare us and lead to bites, scratches, and other injuries.  Please be sure that your children respect us and our space.
  • Keep in mind that all of us cats are different.  What one of us likes, another of us won’t like.  Just because you own a cat that you treat a certain way doesn’t mean that we’ll like the same treatment.  Please learn our likes and dislikes.
  • We want all of us, cats and people, to enjoy your Klubhouse visit.  Our volunteers will be happy to answer your questions.  Have fun!  Perhaps one of us will become your next best friend!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Only children aged 10 and over