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Color: Gray or Blue (Mostly)
Age: Young

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Adoption Application

If you rent your home, a Keller's Kats representative will need verbal approval from your landlord

Keller's Kats will contact your veterinarian/animal hospital for a vet reference. Please contact your vet and authorize them to speak to a Keller's Kats representative

All members of household are in agreement about adopting.
I agree to a home visit by a volunteer from our organization.
I acknowledge that all information on this form is true and correct. I understand that any misrepresentation of fact may result in Keller's Kats rescuer denying the application

Application Instructions

Our adoption process is both simple and straightforward, and our goal is to ensure you and your new pets are compatible. Many times our meet and greets are held in the fosters home so Keller's Kats Rescue Inc. requires all potential adopters to fill out our adoption application.

Please allow 24 hours for a volunteer to contact you. Our volunteers will review your application with you and once approved will set up a Meet & Greet with the cat or kitten best suited for your home. Many times a cat or kitten will already have an approved adopter. To view other cats and kittens we may have available follow this link:

  • Once approved and the Meet & Greet is completed please be prepared to:
  • Spend adequate time getting to know the animal
  • Be certain pets are allowed in your home or apartment
  • Be prepared to provide a vet reference
  • Be a responsible pet owner
  • Recognize that ownership of pet(s) requires an investment of time and money.
  • Bring any and all family members or other members of your household with you, in order to finalize an adoption
  • Be willing to give your new pet a permanent home
  • Complete an Adoption Contract
  • Be able to pay our adoption fees. Our fees can only be paid by cash or check..we DO NOT accept Credit Cards
  • Allow enough time to complete the Adoption Process. The paperwork itself takes about 15 minutes, but the adoption process could last up to 1-2 hours depending on the animal you wish to take home.

Thank you and we look forward to assisting you in finding your forever companion!

Adoption Fees & Commitment

A Pet is a Lifetime Commitment

Deciding to bring a pet into your life is a commitment that should never be done lightly, and if you do decide to offer a pet a home, it's should be for the pet's lifetime.

Responsible pet ownership means promising to take care of the pet through sickness and health - in good times and bad - for the length of the pet's life.

Keller's Cats reserves to right to approve or deny any application.

Adoption Fees:

  • Cats 8 weeks - 5 years $220
  • Cats over 5 years $75
  • Mom & Kitten Special - $220
  • Puppies under 1 year - $400
  • Dogs over 1 year - $350

Adoption Fee includes (for Cats):

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Flea Treatment
  • De-Worming
  • Felv/FIV/Heartworm Testing
  • Age appropriate vaccinations
  • Microchip

Adoption Fee includes (for dogs):

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Flea Treatment
  • De-Worming
  • Heartworm Testing
  • Age appropriate vaccinations
  • Microchip