Spirit’s Story

Meet Spirit…….and that she has!!!

Spirit is 10 months old and has Cerebellar Hypoplasia or CH for short. Spirit has a moderate case of CH.

She will need a home with no stairs or stairs that can be blocked with a baby gate. She can walk but often falls so she will need to be kept in an area that is safe so she will not hit her head on a sharp or hard object.
She is great with the litter box..she has been in her current foster home for 9 months and has never had an accident..it may take her a few minutes to get there..but she always makes it…she does best with a lower litter box..no domed litter boxes.
She has a difficult time standing for any length of time so she will lay on her side when using the box..so it is important to make sure the litter box is kept clean..she will use any litter but her current foster home prefers to use pellet litter as it is more comfortable for Spirit. 
She eats and drinks great…an adopter should avoid frequent food changes…food changes in ANY cat can cause soft stool..causing Spirit to struggle in the litter box. 
Spirit is a very affectionate cat that craves attention…this is very common in CH cats. They are the most loving cats you will ever own.
Spirit loves to be held, she loves when you talk to her, and she even loves when you sing!! She loves kids, dogs, cats, and kittens! She would do best in a home with children over 16 as it is very important that everyone is watching for her. It would be difficult for her to get out of the way quickly if needed. Spirit will try to pull herself up to you as she can’t jump…so keeping her nails trimmed is a must. 
An approved adopter will work with her current foster to ensure her new home is safe for her. 
If you are interested in learning more about Spirit please contact her foster Karla at 585-802-6454



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