Pidgey & Mewtwo Story


Pidgey and Mewtwo are two “VERY SPECIAL NEEDS” cats. They were found as small kittens on the streets of NY City with severe eye infections and an upper respiratory infection. They were brought to a shelter and found themselves on the euthanasia list. One of our foster’s saw their story on Facebook and immediately travelled to rescue them.

As you can see from the before pictures they were in pretty bad shape when they arrived at Keller’s Kats Rescue. They had to have a series of eye drops every two hours for weeks on end. Our hope was to spare them from having eye removal surgery.

The good news is that they are now healthy happy kittens. Pidgey has lost vision in one eye but can see out of his other eye, where Mewtwo has minimal vision in both eyes but can see.

Both boys love to play, love other cats, but are still learning to trust humans; even the ones who rescued them. They live in a foster home with 6 other cats and get along great with all of them.

Over the last few months they have learned to trust and now sleep at the foot of the bed, come close for treats and even look forward to playtime with foster mama. Mewtwo will allow handling and even kisses whereas Pidgey has not gotten to that point yet.

They have been through a great deal in their short lives and are bonded therefore we prefer that they be adopted together. They would do well with other cats after a proper introduction.

They would do best in a quiet household with children over 18 years of age and by someone who can take the time to nurture them and earn their trust. It may be a longer journey than most, but very rewarding.

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