Morrie & Sukhsiran Story

Morrie came to Keller’s Kats rescue with a severely broken leg and malnourished. His leg was amputated the same day as Sukhsian. Morrie is a patient love bug….and a couch potato…when he is not resting on the couch…he will go find Sukhsiran and rest with her.
Sukhsiran came to Keller’s Kats Rescue with a severely broken leg that had to be amputated. She was found outside. She is very shy and will need time to grow and learn trust with her new family. She has been with her best buddy Morrie that had his leg amputated the same day. Sukhsiran and Morrie should be adopted together as she depends on Morrie for comfort and support. In her foster she lays behind a futon when she sleeps…Morrie will seek her out and sleep with her.
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