Jax’s Story

Meet Jax…

Jax came to us from the city shelter he was found as a stray outside. He hops like a bunny when he walks which we believe is due to Manx Syndrome.

Manx syndrome is a condition in which the tail-less gene shortens the spine that can cause several long term issues. Jax had X-rays done to determine the extent of his condition. Cats have 7 lumbar vertebrae. Jax #1-5 lumbar vertebrae are fine, #6 is only 1/2, and #7 is only a 1/4. Cats also have a sacrum bone in the lower back formed from vertebrae and located between the hip bones. His sacrum bone is almost completely missing..it is only a small piece of bone. His pelvis is held on only by muscle. He also has Hip Dysplasia. He does not have mega colon a condition in which the large colon becomes enlarged and filled with fecal material. Jax does become constipated easily..as this is common with Manx cats.

Jax is on a high fiber dry food, and canned food with pumpkin added. Jax is a charmer and loves attention. It is hard to believe what this boy has been through. He gets along great…he climbs and jumps. He loves attention and most of all loves to be held like a baby. He will hug you if you pick him up and head nudge you for more attention.He loves other animals!!

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