Jax’s Story

Meet Jax…

Jax came to us from the shelter. He hops like a bunny when he walks. This is due to Manx Syndrome. Manx syndrome is a condition in which the tailless gene shortens the spine that can cause several long term issues.

We had X-rays done to determine the extent of his condition. Cats have 7 lumbar vertebrae. Jaxs’ #1-5 lumbar vertebrae are fine, #6 is only 1/2, and #7 is only a 1/4. Cats also have a sacrum bone in the lower back formed from vertebrae and located between the hip bones. His sacrum bone is almost completely missing..it is only a small piece of bone. His pelvis is held on only by muscle. He also has Hip Dysplasia.

He does not have megacolon a condition in which the large colon becomes enlarged and filled with fecal material. Jax does become constipated easily..as this is common with Manx cats. We have placed him on a canned food ONLY diet with pumpkin added.

Jax is a charm and loves attention..it’s hard to believe to read this that he could be so happy. Our vet does not believe he is in pain. She believes he can live a happy long life with a specialized diet.

Jax loves attention so much he will need to be in a home where someone is home frequently. He will do ok with another cat that is not dominant..the same for a dog. Jax will need to use a little box that has lower sides. His current foster home has 2 litter boxes set up for him..one with regular clumping litter and one with pellet litter..he prefers both.

A home visit will be required for any approved adopter so the foster can assist with Jaxs’ transition to his new home

 If you are interested in meeting Jax please fill out our online adoption application at


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