Keller’s Story


I would like to tell the story of how Keller came into my life but before I begin I would like to give you a little background about myself. My name is Karla and I have volunteered with several animal rescue groups in Western New York.

I started as a way of giving back to the community through volunteering and over the years I have helped rehabilitate several abused and neglected animals.

In November 2013 I was sent  a photo of a kitten in need that was found on Facebook. That picture haunted me and though I had never dealt with this condition in the past I decided I wanted to save that kitten. The next morning I made the 12 hour  drive to the shelter. I arrived and handed them my carrier. A few minutes later I was headed to my car having no idea what was in store for me. I opened the carrier and there sat this poor little kitten, face down, soaked in his own urine. I picked him up and my heart broke. I questioned if I had made a mistake by trying to help him. I set him back in the carrier and he lifted that little head and let out a meow. It was at that moment I decided if he was still fighting after all he had been through during his short life then I owed it to him to do everything in my power to save him.

This little baby kitten  needed a name and I wanted something unique and special. He was named Keller after my maiden name Weller.

I drove throughout the night with him on my lap and headed directly to the Emergency Hospital. They provided minimal care and highly recommended that I see an eye specialist. I was up early the next morning and made another 2 hour drive to see the eye specialist. The specialist stated that Keller would need to have both his eyes removed but he needed to be at least 3 lbs to have the surgery. He weighed in at just 1.4 lbs. They prescribed 4 eye drop medications  to be administered  every 3 hours spaced 15 minutes apart. I started the drops immediately. Since I was on such a rigid schedule Keller went everywhere with me. We kept daily posts of Keller’s progress on Facebook.

2Keller_Photo_2Keller’s visits to the eye specialist started off as a weekly occurrence and because he was responding to the drops his visits were reduced to biweekly. Some Facebook followers thoughtt I was prolonging his suffering and  I should have left him to be euthanized. They shared the pictures I posted of him and accused me of torturing him. So I fought harder to show the skeptics they were wrong. Our supporters gave us the strength we needed by praying with us, donating to his care, sending gifts and defending us when the skeptics tried to bring us down.


3Keller_Blue_Mirror_FrameKeller behaved like a champ during all his treatments. Keller knew I was there to help him and at  his last appointment we learned Keller did not have to have his eyes removed but he would be completely blind. (When possible they prefer to leave the eyes in place because they they may have some light sensitivity). We were all pleasantly surprised including the vet.

Here is Keller today. He is blind but it does not stop him from enjoying life. He sometimes runs into walls, misses the couch when he attempts to jump on it, and thinks the water dish is a bathtub. He is by my side everywhere I go and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Keller is proof that miracles DO happen. Keller taught everyone a valuable lesson: Never give up, Never walk away–even when some people criticize your decision and ALWAYS follow your heart. Our supporters gave us strength and guidance and as a family we all saved Keller that day.

Keller’s story was the driving force in starting Keller’s Kats Rescue. Our purpose is to give animals like Keller a second chance at life and to save others from neglect and abuse. Keller beat the odds……….

Our Vision does not require sight…………